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Have a Look at Some Client Reviews

At Fatima Butt Professional Corporation, I have had the chance to offer clients from various industries the accounting and taxation help they require. People also seek consultation from me on an array of topics related to this field. Don’t trust me? See for yourself!

Great Accountant

“I’ve been dealing with Fatima for several years. She is professional, courteous and she customizes her style to suit everyone’s needs.

She is always available whenever we required assistance on accounting related questions and such…. “ love the personal touch”

She is a great accountant who helped us through a very difficult time !!!!!!”

- S. B. Recruitment Agency Owner, Mississauga

Highly Recommend

“As a newcomer small business owner running a Consultancy, one of my biggest concerns was to get the right tax accountant.  I also wanted to work with a female tax accountant since I am a big supporter of female owned businesses. I found Fatima after doing a lot of research and reviews on Google/yelp etc and so glad I found her.  Fatima has supported me in filing my 1st year taxes and she also supported me with CRA payroll calculations and put me on the correct path.  Fatima has a wealth of knowledge and always provides the right advice for small businesses.  She is quick to respond, has a great personality and is thorough with her work.  One thing that was really important for me is the rapport I have with my tax accountant and I found that with Fatima.  Fatima and her company handle all my tax requirements corporate, payroll and personal.  I highly recommend Fatima and her company to anyone who is looking for a diligent, knowledgeable and a friendly tax accountant.”

- S. J. Consulting Company, Mississauga

Strongly Recommended

“I was desperately seeking an accountant for my new business venture to prepare a business plan and financial forecast. Ms. Fatima Butt did a perfect job for me in record time and I think her billing is extremely reasonable. She is reachable at any time. I would strongly recommend Ms. Butt for your accounting needs.”

- Dr. B.G., Dentist, Vancouver

Impressed and Grateful

“I had issues in the past with my taxes after I got audited and tried several accountants until I met Fatima Butt. The day I met her, I knew right away she would be my next accountant. I had other appointments in line to interview other accountants and I canceled them after meeting her. Fatima is very professional and very caring in her work and I felt that the first day I met her so it didn’t take much to convince me to use her services. I honestly do vouch for her work. And after I agreed to go with her, I was literally impressed in her efficiency and timing in worrying about bringing my taxes up-to-date. She must have been the first accountant I never questioned on her fee. That’s how impressed and grateful I was when she called me to let me know my taxes were done and up-to-date. Other than that, I truly hope you use her services, I can almost guarantee you’ll be as happy as me if not happier. I would also like to make another quick note regarding Fatima, with my other accountants, they made me feel like I was just a number and that really bothered me because in my line of work, I respect every client equally and I do not make my clients feel like they are just a number on my list, so therefore, I like to be treated the same because that has been the key to my career and success, treating everyone important and equally with honesty and integrity. I guess that was one of her biggest selling points with me. She made me feel like an important client and not just a number on her next to do list. I will be her client for many years to come as long as she wants my business.”

- J. D., Realtor and Broker, Toronto

Quick and Amazing

“Fatima, thank you so much for all your help!!! Quick and amazing, I look forward to next year and will definitely recommend you for anyone I know.”

- D. T. Administrative Assistant, Mississauga

Trusted Professional

“We trust you completely with our taxes.”

- L. A. Property Management Business Owner, Milton

Really Appreciative

“You were so thorough and took the time to explain so much to me and I'm really appreciative of that. I learned so much and I left feeling we are going to have a good relationship going forward!”

- Dr. S. A., Optometrist

Timely, Accurate and Professional

“My company’s accountant left suddenly and Fatima was hired to help us. She did an honest and a diligent review including identifying past accounting mistakes. She was timely, accurate and professional. I cannot say more but emphasize that I trusted Fatima with my company’s private data and felt confident about her professional integrity. We continue to use and highly recommend her for all small agile businesses.”

- Y. S., IT Consultant

World Class Accountant

“Fatima Butt is a World Class Accountant.  Fatima did our corporate tax returns, and thanks to her genius, we were able to maximize our return. She is professional, detail oriented, very responsive, and cares about her clients. 5 Stars.”

- H. K., Small Business Owner

Very Patient and Responsive

“Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness


Thank you so much Fatima for all your help.

Very patient and responsive. I don’t even know how to thank you. Fatima helped me with all my taxes and was very patient with me. Worked with me all day to help me with all my paper work. You’re the best!!!!!”

- D. H., Small Business Owner

Professional, Courteous and Thorough

“Fatima Butt is professional, courteous and thorough. She has prepared both my business and personal taxes for over five years, and I am incredibly satisfied with her service.”

- V. L., Small Business Owner

Super Friendly

“Fatima is a highly skilled and very knowledgeable professional. She is patient, always available and super friendly. She’s been giving me great advices for the last 4 years. I would highly recommend her if you consider running your own business.”

- N. F., Small Business Owner

Reliable and Very Honest

“Excellent service 

I have been using Ms. Fatima Butt’s accounting services for over 2 years now. She is very efficient, hard working and very dedicated to her work. She will go over and beyond to help you and guide you for all your accounting needs. She is reliable and very honest in her dealings. I highly recommend Fatima Butt. I know that you will not be disappointed with her and her work.”

- Dr. M. J., Family Physician

Wonderful, Capable and Trustworthy

“Excellent accountant. Wonderful, capable and trustworthy. Fatima oversaw a complex estate account and an out-of-province rental property for me for several years. Fatima is a meticulous bookkeeper. She does careful research; her information is always correct and her recommendations prudent. Fatima Butt has my unreserved recommendation.”

- T. R., Personal Tax Client

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