“I was desperately seeking an accountant for my new business venture to prepare a business plan and financial forecast. Ms. Fatima Butt did a perfect job for me in record time and I think her billing is extremely reasonable. She is reachable at any time. I would strongly recommend Ms. Butt for your accounting needs”. (Dr. B.G., Dentist, Vancouver)
    “I had issues in the past with my taxes after I got audited and tried several accountants until I met Fatima Butt.  The day I met her, I knew right away she would be my next accountant.  I had other appointments in line to interview other accountants and I canceled them after meeting her.  Fatima is very professional and very caring in her work and I felt that the first day I met her so it didn’t take much to convince me to use her services.  I honestly do vouch for her work.  And after I agreed to go with her, I was literally impressed in her efficiency and timing in worrying about bringing my taxes up-to-date.  She must have been the first accountant I never questioned on her fee. That’s how impressed and grateful I was when she called me to let me know my taxes were done and up-to-date.  Other than that, I truly hope you use her services, I can almost guarantee you’ll be as happy as me if not happier.  I would also like to make another quick note regarding Fatima, with my other accountants, they made me feel like I was just a number and that really bothered me because in my line of work, I respect every client equally and I do not make my clients feel like they are just a number on my list, so therefore, I like to be treated the same because that has been the key to my career and success, treating everyone important and equally with honesty and integrity.  I guess that was one of her biggest selling points with me.  She made me feel like an important client and not just a number on her next to do list.  I will be her client for many years to come as long as she wants my business”.  (J. D., Realtor and Broker, Toronto) 
   “I’m very pleased to have met you”. (Dr. M. G., Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Toronto, Spain)
    Fatima, thank you so much for all your help!!! Quick and amazing, I look forward to next year and will definitely recommend you for anyone I know”. (D. T. Administrative Assistant, Mississauga)
   “We just love you!!!” (T. M., Construction Business Owner, Toronto)
   “We trust you completely with our taxes.”  (L. A. Property Management Business Owner, Milton)
   “When you explain to me in simple words, I am able to understand the issues”. (D. B. Recruitment Agency Owner, Mississauga)